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Pre-Sale - Before I Let You Go - Paperback

Pre-Sale - Before I Let You Go - Paperback

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BEFORE I LET YOU GO, the title referencing his desire to raise up and release a new generation of great thinkers is about everything Ellerbee learned in his life, from dealing with criticism for being out and gay, in his youth and later in the industry.

While working with young titans building and broadening their brands, he has spent 2024 walking three clients who have benefitted from his brilliance into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (Kool and The Gang, Dionne Warwick, and Mary J. Blige). 

BEFORE I LET YOU GO isn't about entertainment industry gossip or how to quickly secure the bag. Angelo Ellerbee is about forging excellence in whatever field where you find your passion, and he wants to share that with you before he lets go of the mantle and passes it on to the next generation.

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